The Surprising Look of the Newborn


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The moment my son was placed on my chest, wet and just-born, I fell in love with his beauty. He was round and chunky; had inquisitive, slate colored eyes; and rooted with the sweetest puckered lips I’d ever seen.

As the days and weeks passed, his looks rapidly changed and he got, somehow, more and more beautiful. His neck stretched out, his head rounded out, and his facial features became more settled.

By the time my boy turned one he hardly resembled his newborn pictures at all and, when I looked back, I was a little perplexed at how I had possibly thought he was the most beautiful baby in the world. He was beautiful in the sense that he was my child and was so very, very loved but he certainly had that “newborn” look.

Most parents think their baby is the most beautiful baby in the world, but, in the moments right after birth or looking back later, they’re often surprised when they look a little bit different than expected. Birth is hard on babies too and it takes time for them to settle into their looks.

In their first few days don’t be surprised if your baby has some of the following common newborn characteristics.

A Pointy Head Babies born vaginally spend several hours working their way through the birth canal. As a result their heads are often more cone-shaped than round.

Swollen Features Just as the shape of their head shape is impacted by the birth process, so are their facial features. It is common for newborn babies to have flattened noses or swollen eyes in the hours and days after birth.

Pink or Purple Skin Babies aren’t usually born with the skin tone their parents expect. Newborns are often dark pink or purplish in color in the minutes after birth. Their skin usually lightens, darkens, or shifts to their natural skin tone within the first few days.

No matter what your newborn looks like in the moments and days after birth, they’re going to be beautiful to you! Be sure to take lots of pictures of them during their first few days so you can see just how much they change over time!

Were you surprised by anything about your newborn’s appearance? 


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