5 Things Only Newborns Do That I Wish I Could Keep Forever


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I miss having a newborn. This stage of parenting certainly has its frustrating struggles, but there are so many experiences that you only get while holding and comforting a baby who really can’t do anything for himself.

I have always heard that time speeds up when you have children and we should cherish the time we have while it’s there. I always kind of rolled my eyes that advice, but now that the chances of me having another newborn are slim, I do understand why that advice is really famous. It really does go by so quickly.

Here are five things I wish I could bottle up and keep even when they’re no longer little:

The way they fall asleep on your chest.

I love the way newborns always seem to sleep most soundly when they’re cuddled and curled on a parent’s chest. It was one of my favorite things to do with my fresh babies because it’s like happy therapy for both mother and child. They fit perfectly into your arms and don’t restrict breathing like a toddler or older child does.

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“Boob scan.”

It’s a term my husband coined when we noticed our newborn made the same look whenever they were looking to eat. They don’t have their eyes open yet they move their head from side to side looking for a breast to latch on to. It’s something I am happy I recorded when my youngest was fresh so I can watch it whenever I want. It’s cuter than your 8-year-old demanding a sandwich!

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The smell of their head.

I don’t get it – I don’t know why the smell of a newborn head is so great, but it just is. It’s an instant pick-me-up and I think nature intended it that way so we will fall in love – which we do. If someone could bottle that up into a happy perfume, I think the world would be so much happier.

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Their little cries.

Before your toddler tantrum screams, you have the little newborn cries. They’re sweet and sound like a little kitten; and even when they’re crying and you don’t know why, they’re just so cute.

The way they fit into sleepers.

I know that as your kids get older they too have cute pajamas they can wear, but there is nothing like the sweet little newborn sleepers. They’re not only super soft to cuddle in, but the sight of your baby that small and cuddly is something I wish I could have again from time to time.

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What is it about the newborn phase that you wish you could keep forever? Share in the comments!

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